FOWFcover(3)How do we make sense of such a crazy world as we see around us and find a way to live well?

We stand at a significant evolutionary transition-point!

Can you imagine that the current world situation could be inspiring a significant transformation – a promising leap forward towards a new earth and a new awakening in human nature? Do you feel that you would like to change the world for the better, help establish world peace, etc., but you don’t know how?

In this book, learn immediate and powerful ways to make a difference during this transitional time.  Ways to change the world and bring a new awareness and peace to all that you are involved in.  Learn to broaden your perspectives, revealing expanded possibilities for addressing the monumental world issues. This breakthrough information allows you to immediately become a part of the solution!
Awaken to find yourself taking a creative part in this unparalleled breakthrough in human development.

In Finding Our Way Forward, Alice Gardner proposes an inspiring view of transformation coming directly from our troublesome world situation.  She then engages the reader in an introspective journey to the core of who we are and back again to all of the world’s intractable issues. We are then led to find the unique part each of us has to play in humanity’s grand maturation process. This is as significant an evolutionary transition-point as was the beginnings of our logical/analytical thinking. Now, again, our old ways of thinking are becoming obsolete, and we need to move forward.
We can and do make a difference, no matter how small a part we play!
This is how we can be a part of leaving behind a world which we are proud to let the children of the future inherit. This is how we can know what peace is; know how our consciousness affects everything, and how love can today begin to direct all the actions we take.

Let yourself be inspired by:

  • Poetry – inspirational poetry throughout the book, interspersed with the prose
  • Novelty – cohesive and articulate ideas presented simply, in everyday language
  • Significance – Timely, transformational, meaningful and important for leaving a valuable legacy for future generations
  • Motivation/Stimulation – hit the ground running with the immediacy of the material
  • Inspiration – Find ongoing non-dogmatic support for spiritual awakening in the midst of everyday life and for living from a positive vision about what is happening in the world.

Ongoing support after you have finished the book through an extensive recommended reading list.

Excerpts from the new book!
A Personal Note from the Author

This book has come out of the fact that when I was a teenager I had some big questions about how to fit into this crazy world of ours. It was the 70s and there was a lot of doom and gloom about the survival of the ecosphere and negativity about “the establishment”. So, in such an environment, what does one do? How does one participate in a way that does not make one a part of the problem? I didn’t have any good answers -I didn’t know. I ended up more or less dropping out as best I could, trying to just live as best I could by separating myself from the problems of the world. I didn’t want to know all the bad news from the media. I just wanted to grow my own food and live close to nature.

Now, as this book is finished I am 59. It has taken all this time to come up with the answers to my own teenage questions. This book tries to succinctly address an unbelievably broad group of topics in order to address those questions, topics such as human development, brain science, evolutionary theory, perception and so on.

I do not try to present myself as an expert in all of these fields, but instead function as integrater, tying it all together for the reader in the way that I have tied it all together for myself. I also give as many references as I know about, to encourage the readers to delve further into the topics that I have dealt with in overview. There is a tremendous amount of new information coming available in recent years about these topics, supporting our relatively new capabilities to understand ourselves and understand what is happening in the world we live in. I give a lot of references in the text, but in the end I give a very big recommended reading list and have put that list up on this website on the “Recommended Reading” web page, so that those books can be purchased here.

I tried really hard to keep this book to 100 pages, but it turned out to be over 230. I really wanted it to be succinct, even though the subject was broad, so that it just says straight out what it intends to say, and I hope I succeeded anyway. It is a summation of my lifetime of self-reflection, questioning and experience rather than a tight proof of anything.

I hope this book offers you a way of looking at the world situation that makes sense of it and balances a lot of the fear and worry that is around as we move into this time of awakening, transformation, transition and change.  I hope also that it becomes an ally and an inspiration to you as you find your own way forward.

Alice GardnerWho could have
Dreamed up
Such a world
As this?

What wild imagination
Could have conceived
The intricate balance
Of the endocrine system,
Or the turning
Of a winter’s sky
Full of stars, behind
A dazzle of northern lights?

What divine hand could have
Invented this crazy world where
In spite of our selves,
We end up cooperating
With the way of things
As we move
On the current of our times.

Like the wild ducks
Drifting in the evening
On the darkened river
We find our way.



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