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We are prototyping a structure for self-organizing our peer practice sessions through the courses that we take together or the like-minded people that we already know are compatible with and experienced in this work (through any of the many teachers)

Thomas Hubl has recommended triads for his practice groups, but for some of us, we may prefer pairs or larger groups.  We all have our own preferences, and we may like switching around every six or eight weeks, or staying with one person for a longer time.

Once you are connected with a practice partner or triad, then choose your preferred medium for your sessions together.  Skype, facetime, phone, freeconferencecall.com, Zoom, Google etc.

If you are new to this website and are interested to know more about this practice community, use the contact link above to contact Alice for more information.

There is also a continuing group from the recently ended Mystical Practices 3 online course.  We have to keep this one strictly for those who attended that course, because we are re-using the course materials – basically going through the course again.

We have been using the Zoom platform mostly but are open to others.


Current practice groups:network

Mystical Principle group: “MP3 to Sangha 4.0” on Facebook

The Vancouver Group(s) (Silence Practice with Laura Madsen)

Thomas Hubl Transparent Communication triads

EC Map partners & ongoing hubs

The Ulab group

 Suggested starting-points for working with partners & groups:

(Edits & additions most welcome… let this be a living document that grows as we grow)

Bring a curiosity about what is possible – a spirit of mutual exploration and discovery about what is or is not happening in the moment.

Bring a willingness and ability to drop one’s personal agenda and opinions and be “spoken through”. To speak without knowing what you are going to say before you say it. To not worry if it makes sense.

Assume a “beginner’s mind”, as best we can, about what is happening and what is possible

Practice deep listening , involving a willingness to both welcome, allow and listen to the silences in the conversation and to listen from inside the speaker.

Be willing to refrain from the sort of storytelling that takes the group out of the present, and to also refrain from every other exit strategy that we might habitually employ to avoid the depth of engagement and the avoid the present moment.

Risk Taking.  Be willing to be authentic rather than nice, and to speak ones truth to others in a vulnerable way. A willingness to speak up authentically even if we are likely to be in error or feel embarrassed. Welcoming both the light and the dark of ourselves and each other to the best of our ability and supporting each other in doing so.

Cultivate mutual caring for the life in the center, the energy in the room, for the way the space feels, for what we are together.

Bring to our practice, as best we can, a trust in the larger process of our evolving humanity and a personal interest in participation in it that overrides our personal self-interest in getting our way, being right or in keeping up appearances



  1. Enjoyed our first Zoom call so much last night. Thank you everybody. I couldn’t get to sleep afterwards though. Lets find a time that is earlier. I get up at 5 am too. I just wrote to Steph and Laura and talked to Julie on the phone. We are moving ahead with sending you a poll in order to pick a regular time to meet together as a large group, and figure out how soon we can meet to set up definite practice partner patterns for the TC course with Thomas. Will try to come to that call with options, but want to see first what Thomas’s organization posts as to how he wants it to work. He may be innovating too. As some of you know, his MP3 triads have had minimal guidance, so I suspect his people have been thinking about this too.
    Thanks again for a wonderful call last night. We’ll be in touch shortly with a poll. Alice

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